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Solo Ready philosophy

Sunder believes in an effective, flexible and affordable learn-to-drive methodology that doesn’t compromise on quality. Through the advancement of technology and his blended learning program, Sunder enables best value driving lesson packages that add value to the experience. Importantly, Sunder is committed to reducing the road toll of young people by better equipping them with safer driving skills for life.

Solo Ready Driving School is the brainchild of Sunder Chalasani.

After several years of experience as a Certified Car Driving Instructor, Sunder recognised there was an opportunity to positively change the way people learn to drive and make them safer drivers on the road for everyone.

Using his IT Engineer experience, Sunder wrote the Solo Ready Driving School Blended Learning program to:

  • improve the consistency of information between driving instructor, learner and supervising drivers
  • remove some of the fear, stress and anxiety learners face
  • create active learning of both theory and practical aspects of learning to drive; and
  • develop structured lesson and practice sessions with the flexibility for learners to focus on what they need to master most.

The result is Solo Ready with Licence Ready - the world’s first and most collaborative blended learning system for anyone who wants to learn to drive.

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About Us