pcycAre you a learner driver looking to enhance your safe driving skills?

Are you one of those who wish to boost your confidence levels while driving solo and unsupervised?

Are you one of those youngsters waiting to increase your credits on the Logbook and pace as a licensed driver?

Then, you are at the right place. Yes, Safe Drivers Course is what you should be taking up to match your needs. If you are one of those looking to master the road safety skills and managing risk on the roads, then Safer Drivers Course is certainly for you.

About the Course

Started by the State Government in July 2013, the Safer Drivers Course comes as a boon for all the young drivers to become professional and confident drivers.

With an Approved Provider status for the Safer Drivers Course by the Transport for NSW and the Roads & Maritime Service, the Police Citizens Youth Club, better known as PCYC, offers the course in collaboration with the NSW Driver Trainers Association.

The main aim of the Safer Drivers Course is to inculcate safe driver behavior in the young drivers and to develop capabilities of effective risk management while at the wheel.

Designed in two modules

The Safer Drivers Course is a 5-hour training module divided into theoretical and practical sessions offered by professional driving instructors from the NSW Driver Trainers Association. While the theoretical module consists of a 3-hour session of group discussion on managing risks on the road, the practical module is a 2-hour in-car coaching session customized according to the learning needs of the individuals.

The group discussion module is generally carried out with the maximum number of participants not exceeding 12. The in-vehicle coaching session, however, is carried out with a coach and two learner drivers.


Most importantly, this course focuses on preparing the Learner Drivers for driving solo; the most risky time that tends to lead to crashing on roads. And the strategies that are offered by the Course include speed management, gap selection, awareness on the various kinds of hazards and safe following distances especially when individuals are driving alone.

Not just this, the Safe Drivers Course helps the drivers to chalk out action plans to proceed with their practice and learning even after the Safer Drivers Course.

Brownie Points

And, this is the best part of the Safer Drivers Course. The successful individuals to complete the course get to earn 20 hours of credit on their respective Logbook hours.


If you are on your Ls and have completed 50 Logbook hours of actual experience on the roads, then you are eligible for the Safer Drivers Course. Yes, you should be under the age of 25.

Most importantly, do not include the credits earned as per the 3 for 1 scheme.

Although, you need not complete both the sessions in one day, the participants must complete the in-vehicle coaching session within one month from the theoretical module.


Started from July 2013, the Safer Drivers Course is currently available in nearly 48 locations across various PCYC clubs.


Every Learner is to pay a Course Fee of $140 which includes the theoretical and practical modules.

And, only the participants who have completed the theoretical as well as the practical modules earn the 20 log book hours. So, be sure to complete both the modules to earn the benefits of the Safer Drivers Course.

So, if you are looking to enquire/ book a slot for the three hour group discussion session in the various locations and upcoming courses, then here’s the link

Here’s a free tip for you. Do not forget to carry your license and your log book on the day of the course.

So, why delay, enroll yourself for the Safer Drivers Course and add 40 logbook hours while you master the strategies of safety.



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