Independent Driving Instructors Guild (IDIG)

idigAre you on the lookout for driving lessons from a professional driving school?

Are you a highly skilled driver interested in teaching driving to the novice drivers?

Whether you want to learn driving from a professional or whether you want to undergo a refresher driving course and looking to enroll yourself in one of the best driving school around the Sydney Metropolitan Area, then Independent Driving Instructors Guild (IDIG) has a lot to offer to you.

About Independent Driving Instructor Guild (IDIG)

Based in New South Wales, the IDIG is certainly one of the most sought after options not only for finding the best driving school but also for the driving instructors.

The Independent Driving Instructor Guild (IDIG) incorporated, is an organized body consisting of professional driving instructors. The IDIG is governed by a Constitution and a Code of Ethics Policy which points out the level of professionalism and transparency that can be expected.

The IDIG, as a representative association of professional drivers, aims at creating a common platform for all the driving instructors for knowledge sharing. With a vision to enhance the esteem of the drivers in the public view, the IDIG strives to enable the instructors to minimize the road trauma by creating conducive environment and abiding by the road safety norms.

The driving instructors who form the army of the IDIG are all licensed by the Transport Roads & Maritime Services (RMS).

For Driving Schools

If you are one of those living around the metropolitan area of Sydney and waiting to pace your way on the roads, then it is obvious that you may be hassled to find out the ideal driving school that meets your requirements. The Independent Driving Instructor Guild (IDIG) makes the search easy for you.

The IDIG website is home to a database of driving schools that provide automatic and manual transmission types across the regions around Sydney.

Not just cars, IDIG provides driving lessons for drivers of buses and trucks including Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination and Multi Combination.

The fees may, however, vary from one driving school to the other.

For Drivers

If you are a highly skilled driver and are passionate about teaching driving, then a membership in the Driving Instructor Association lets you do all that you want to.

The membership in Driver Instructor Association comes with many benefits. In addition to monthly meeting of IDIG members and newsletters, the members of IDIG are listed on the website and also gain access to fellow driving instructors to discuss various issues.

To become a member of IDIG, the individuals are to pay a membership fee of $77 in the first year and $25 from the following year annually.

Not just this, IDIG instructors are well- equipped to instruct the drivers at various levels to earn licenses through senior refresher courses and refresher courses. Getting P Plates, overseas licenses and driving with disabilities are some of the other

With every member being a qualified commercial driving instructor from IDIG, what more can you ask for than to gear up to start your driving lessons right away.




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