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With the mobile phones creeping into every walk of life, it has become inevitable to avoid the usage of the mobile phones. And driving is no exception. For all those of you who can’t resist the phone while driving due to a myriad of reasons, it is but important to ensure safety of one’s self as well as the others on the road. Any type of distraction or taking the eyes off the road may spell huge risk to many.

So, here’s presenting you Keep Your Eyes on the Road.

 About Keep Your Eyes on the Road

In the wake of the unprecedented usage of smart phones in Australia and the consequent risk of taking the eyes off the road for attending to the mobile, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) has come out with some remarkable tips that make the drivers safe and smart too.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road is an innovative initiative of the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (AMTA) with an idea to ensure safety, create awareness and minimize the risks associated with mobile phone usage while driving.

 It’s all about keeping your eyes on the road

Aptly named, Keep Your Eyes on the Road, is a ready reckoner on road rules tips with regard to mobile phone usage and safe driving for the learners as well as experienced drivers.

Road Rules

With the road rules for mobile phone use varying across the different states in Australia, the Keep Your Eyes on the Road websites brings out all the information about the various laws governing mobile phone usage in different parts of the country.

AMTA strives to extend support and aims at enhancing awareness and implementation of the Australian Road Rules, better known as model road rules that enable drivers to use mobiles hands-free and in approved cradles to minimize the associated risks.

 Safe Driving Tips

And, when you are behind the wheel and have an emergency communication to make through the mobile, it is but difficult to keep the eyes on the road.

Do not worry. Keep Your Eyes on the Road is at your rescue. Keep Your Eyes on the Road’s provides you in detail the tips that can help you to attend to your phone while behind the wheel in the safest and the most legal way. It brings out some of the very helpful ways of ensuring safety while driving and using mobile legally through use of hands-free and voice-recognition software.

Some of the features of the Keep Your Eyes on the Road website include driving tips for safe drivers, truck drivers, use of cradles and hands-free. In addition to these aspects, the Keep Your Eyes on the Road website provides insights into the risks associated with using GPS and maps on smart phones while driving and pulling over on the side if the road to use the mobile device.

One can also download the AMTA’s safety brochure to get a sneak peek into their regime of safety tips for the drivers especially while using smart phones.

 Much more…

The entire database of Keep our Eyes on the Road is backed by extensive research on mobile usage, driver surveys, naturalistic studies, driver simulator studies, police accident data and information from many other sources.

Not just this, Keep Your Eyes on the Road provides a database of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that readily help the drivers to get help with any kind of road safety tips especially when at the wheel and with the mobile. The website provides updates on insights into road safety, the driving distractions and so on.

So, the next time you are planning to use mobile while behind the wheel, do not forget to Keep Your Eyes on the Road, especially after referring to all the information provided by Keep Your Eyes on the Road.



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