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keytodrive200Are you a learner driver ready to accelerate to ‘P’ Plate driving?

Are you a parent/ supervisor of a learner driver hesitant to let them solo at the wheel?

How about a free driving lesson for the learner driver and the parent/ supervisor to boost your confidence levels and enhance your safe driving skills? Moreover, with ‘P’ Plate driving being termed as the riskiest part of a driver’s life, it becomes inevitable for the learner drivers to cross the hurdle with confidence and be a safe driver.

Then, Keys2Drive is what you should be opting for. And if you are a well-experienced driver looking to share your knowledge while being accredited, then Keys2Drive has something exciting to offer to you too.

About the Course

Funded by the Australian Federal Government, Keys2Drive learner drivers program is conducted by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) to the learner drivers and their parent/ supervisors.

Keys2Drive aims at helping the novice drivers to avert any kind of harm for themselves and others on the road, and drive safely especially in the first six months on P’s through instructions on P plate driving. In addition, the keys2drive is an ideal option for the licensed learner drivers to gain confidence and effectively handle difficulties while driving solo at the wheel.

The parent/ supervisor element of this driving course is aimed at making the parent/ supervisor also take part in the learning process. It instills in them the confidence to assist the learner driver to put the learning into practice.


For all those who got the L’s recently or a little while ago and for those who are close to getting a ‘P,’ Keys2Drive aims at presenting an on-the-road experience to the learner drivers while instilling in them the confidence to manage the risks on the roads.

The Keys2Drive free lesson is only for the learner drivers and their parents/ supervisors.

Also, learner’s permit/ learner license is a must for the learner drivers while the parents/ supervisors should carry an Australian full driver’s license.

Find Your Own Way- the free lesson

Find Your Own Way, the learning approach of keys2drive, is a 60-minute free session taken by a keys2drive accredited driving instructor. This session deals with examples of how ‘Find Your Own Way’ can be used while learning to drive and putting the best foot forward while you drive.

The remaining time is generally used to put the learning to practice or may be used to explain the concepts further based on the requirement of the learner drivers.

Both the learner driver as well as the parent/ supervisor should attend the free lesson of Keys2Drive. It is also suggested that the learner drivers preferably have around 5-10 hours of driving experience to attend the keys2drive lesson.

Enroll Yourself

To take a Keys2Drive lesson, the learner drivers or their parents/ supervisors should register and sign- in into keys2drive to get a free lesson ID.

With the help of the keys2drive database that provides information on the accredited keys2drive driving instructor in various localities, one can call and book a slot to avail the free lesson.

For the driving instructors who are looking to be accredited, Keys2Drive accreditation comes with many benefits for the Keys2Drive accredited driving instructor. In addition to providing commonwealth-funded free driving lessons, the driving instructors are also listed on Keys2Drive website, thus, facilitating their career progression.


The free lesson ID, the unique numerical code generated on the registration on the Keys2Drive website, is a must when one goes for the free lesson with the parents/ supervisors. So, ensure that you note down the free lesson ID and produce it as and when required.

So, why delay when you can enroll along with your parent/ supervisor and master your skills behind the wheel?



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