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rmsWith the major functions involving management of operations of roads and waterways, Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is also responsible for testing and licensing for drivers in addition to the building and maintenance of road infrastructure.

The Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) provides a basket of services across the domains of online services, license, registration, using roads and maritime. An NSW Statutory authority, the main activities of the Roads and Maritime Services include vehicle registrations, issue of drivers’ licenses, major incident response, car ferry services and light operation in the lighthouses among the many other services. With maritime being one of the important components of RMS, it provides for licensing and registration of boats and other related maritime activities.

About Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)

The Roads and Maritime Services is a one-stop destination for all kinds of information related to licensing. RMS not only facilitates for making transactions online but also provides all kinds of information on registrations and licenses, tolls and tags and much more.

The RMS websites allows users to renew, transfer vehicle registration, practice driver knowledge tests, book drivers test among the other services.

Online Services

Are you planning to learn driving, but are confused about the procedures?

Are you a learner driver and looking for the next level of instructors or driving tests?

Be it getting handy guides for licenses or for driving tests, for acquiring licenses or for registrations or renewal, Roads and Maritime Services has it all. The NSW licensing Scheme enables drivers to get full licenses after passing the required theory and practical tests at the various levels.

RMS makes it easy to book Driver Knowledge Test (DKT), Driver Test, Driver Qualification Test, Hazard Perception Test (HPT) and Rider Training and Testing through RMS portal. The handbooks provided for each category clearly point out the required skills for taking the tests. These include guides for new drivers, license test guides and handbooks, road users’ handbook to heavy vehicle driver handbook and so on.

The RMS website also provides for Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment for Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid, Heavy Combination, Multi Combination license classes.

However, slots for services like driving and riding tests for the aged, deaf and disabled individuals, instructor and instructor taking impart knowledge test, motor-cycle tests in non- declared areas and short manual driving tests are to be booked either by contacting the Call Centre or at the registry or service centres.

Some of the other services offered by the online platform of RMS include replacement of lost, stolen or destroyed license products and the alternative of elect to be of good behaviour option to demerit point suspension of unrestricted driver license when license is lost.

When it comes to providing information, RMS websites provides ready to use information for getting drivers’ license, renewing drivers’ license, transferring or renewing vehicle registrations and so on. Not just this, RMS also provides for information on RMS approved driving instructors for cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles, besides details on the interstate training providers.

So, stayed tuned to RMS for all your queries, information and booking slots for driving tests and many other driving needs.

Website: www.rms.nsw.gov.au


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