"What an amazing learning experience. Pass on the first test attempt. Great teacher friendly with an easy to use app that really aids in your learning journey. Bringing innovation that changes the learn to drive process."

- Jerome Finet

“Excellent customer service, value for money (always over time!), punctual, organised and exceptional teaching skills. Great app with all theory covered. Have never found better! :)”

– Manju Sharma

"I only had my learners since November 19th 2014 just passed my Driving Test on 13th March my driving With a great app to improve your driving skills My driving instructor reviews & recaps on your progress so you know where you can improve & where you need to concentrate ...You learn in your own way how to improve your driving & show you how to drive with a simple video with this great app & with all the theory covered... My experience with other driving schools they show you in your lesson but then you forget how to when you get home.. But with the app you can go to where you can look & see it and helps you to correct your mistakes ... My driving instructor was very patient & payed attention to the fine details of your driving lesson where you practice on the important parts of your driving skills ...Excellent customer service Very good value for money exceptional teaching skills taking no more lessons than necessary...

I love Solo Driving School It gave me my independence as a Solo Driver .....

I would recommend people to enrol in Solo Driving School."

- Janet Maureen Behr

“Patient and very understanding instructor ! Prices are very flexible and a great initiative with the app.”

– Shaun Madden

"When I first got my Learners I looked around at driving schools for a couple of weeks.
Reading reviews and services and getting mixed feelings about them all. I came across Solo Ready a few times during my searching and found the App really appealing to me. As I don't have constant access to a car. I could brush up on lessons and points in my own time."

So I decided to give Solo Ready a go and I am so glad that I did.
Not only are the going rates very affordable my instructor was fantastic. He went so much out of his way to help me on almost every occasion. I started out as a very nervous driver and my instructor was very calming and informative. And with my weak points during the drive my instructor would point these out with the app at the end of the lesson so that I could practice these at my own leisure.

I'm so happy I had the learning tools that Solo Ready provides. Because they along with my instructor they helped me pass my test today first go. I would personally say give them a go. They might not be the biggest driving school. But in my opinion they are one of the best.

Thank You Solo Ready & Special thanks to my instructor.

- Lee Allan

“It was an outstanding experience. Although I had a prior driving experience outside Australia, but still failed the practical test initially. I took 2 lessons from Sundar, and he guided me with all the required checks which needs to be taken into account before appearing in test. Moreover, he has also developed an application for driving techniques, which is a unique concept and was really helpful. Finally I passed with flying colours.”

– Faiq K.

"I have an overseas driving license for a long time and I have always loved driving. Still I failed my driving test twice for different reasons. Then I came across Solo Ready and thought of taking a few classes with them. My instructor was fabulous. He showed me my weaker points and worked with me to rectify those. He showed me nice little tricks to improve my driving which I did not know even after almost a decade of driving. The best thing was, he was not very concerned about making me pass my test, but he really wanted me to be a safer and better driver in Australia. The driving app with awesome animations was also a very unique concept and very helpful."

I can't thank my instructor enough for his help in my passing the driving test. If anyone is looking for a honest and affordable driving school, this is the right place for you.

- Deepti Ranjan

“I would like to recommend Solo Ready Driving School for their flexibility and customer service. As of this time, their online application is still in development and is constantly improving. They are good at teaching nervous drivers who lack confidence. Unlike some other driving schools, they do not watch the clock down to the last minute, and they have been very flexible in adjusting to my schedule. They even accommodated my need to take the driving exam at 07:00AM, and provided slightly over an hour of practice prior to the test. I have passed the test on my first go. I found their service to be so good that I am trying to persuade my wife to use their service as well.”

– Weng Seng

"I had my overseas license for over 7 years and I had no doubt that I wouldn't pass this exam. However, I failed 3 times for different reasons."

"On the 4th time, I gave it a shot to a driving school to train me for the test, and luckily I came across with this driving school. We had a training for hours in the track where the driving test would be before the test and guess what happened? I passed."

"Even though I knew how to drive backwards, and I studied about Aussie rules for many times, there were things that I still did not know. I clearly state, this 2 hours of practice let me pass the test.

If you have any doubts, do not doubt, I am telling you the money you will pay worth it.

-Ilgin Azazi

“I passed my driving exam easily with a (clear all) grades after a couple of lessons with driving instructor. Honestly he was accurate, proficient and clear to understand. So friendly and highly educated and familiar with the streets. I would highly recommend this school and I am so happy with my result. Good luck!

– Mustafa A.

"I started with Solo Ready after failing once in my test. Apparently, their charges looks high comparatively but upon my investigations I figured out that while other charge on hourly basis, Solo Ready charges per lesson. That was great indeed. Highly expert trainer, well maintained and clean car, flexibility, customer service and Punctuality are their core strengths. I passed my test in second go (first with Solo Ready) and now my wife is learning from them. I would like to mention the fact that my wife never drove and started from scratch with Solo Ready (Sunder) and with in a few weeks she is driving well throughout the NSW."

-Hasan J.

“Prices are flexible & very affordable. More importantly, My trainer was very good & patient. I would definitely recommend people to enrol in this driving school.”

– Voltaire Reyes

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